Staying up-to-date with the system software (OS X) and applications (those living in /Applications and those elsewhere like /opt/bin, /usr/local and other confines) can be tricky. Some people wisely turn off automatic-updates in order to let others solve the uninvited surprises such behaviour can entail.

Besides using your “Update this Mac” menu-bar option, these tools can help manage multiple macs and their updates:

Here are some errors you may have to deal with :

Error “App store not available”, or “The App store is temporarily unavailable”
Try deleting and from ~/Library/Preferences. Then delete ~/Library/Caches/ and reboot.

If that failed to coax the App store to behave, then try restarting with external HDDs and usb devices removed. Spotlight indexing has been known to affect the App Store (even on supposedly read-only devices) – link.

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