I’d expect that if I made a backup,.. success would mean that if I ever need to get back to the same state (info, apps, data) I could. Right?
When people select “Backup”, they expect it all to be backed up.
Nope. Your phone might not be as backed-up as you would hope.

  • no music is backed up (playlists are)
  • no apps are backed up (app icons are)(app prefs. are)(some app data is)
  • not all data from individual apps gets backed up automatically.
  • photos from your computer, are not backed up
  • wifi passwords are not backed up
  • auto-brightness, click, sound, location-services configuration is not backed up
  • passcode lock is not backed up
  • iCloud find-my-phone configuration is not backed up
  • SMS’s, iMessage do not always get backed up (in my case)
  • WhatsApp, Telegram messages do not get backed up (but it doesn’t seem to matter)

And some, might not even get that far.
Here are some things to remember when ‘backing up’ your iOS device (or restoring your iPhone backup):

  • Automatically backing up to iCloud does not save everything.
    The current version of iTunes says it,.. “Back(s) up the ‘most important’ data on your iPhone to iCloud”.
    What’s meant by ‘most important’?
  • Automatically backing up to “This Computer”… doesn’t always, exactly.
    The current version of iTunes says a “full” backup of your iPhone will be stored on the computer.
  • Manually Back up.. .doesn’t always.
    It’s Dec.4,2014. I just hit “Back up now”. Which completed successfully. But now finished, I am told that the latest backup was 14.08.14. So there was no backup?
    The date on my computer is correct.
    Reclicking ‘Backup now’ asks *again* about the apps on my iPhone that are not in my iTunes library, so I’m thinking my backup failed.
    And yet Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup seems populated with a new entry.
  • Backup encryption isn’t a guarantee to your privacy.
    This may be a good thing, if you’ve forgotten your own encryption key but need access.
    See’iOS: Troubleshooting encrypted backups’ : link.
  • Discover what’s inside a backup…Use iExplorer.

Think to try the following:

  • Update your iTunes to the latest version.
  • Move away the folder ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/MobileSync/Backup/ (ie. into BackupOLD)
  • Use a different usb port to connect the cable.
  • Use a different cable to connect to the usb port.
  • If you’re doing cable backup, then uncheck the Sync with Wifi option.
  • Delete your iCloud account, sync using iTunes, reconfigure for iCloud.
  • Reset your phone to factory settings, and then don’t jailbreak it. 🙂