You want to restore an OS X installation & Data on a hard-disk from a disk image, but are hitting some snags. Here are some that I’ve had to deal with.

  • NOK: Unable to scan Macintosh HD (Resource busy)
    The solution is to be very careful about the order of your actions in Disk Utility.
    1. Select Image as Source
    2. Set the Destination
    3. Ensure that you see the source-image on the list at the left.
    4. Click RESTORE, Scan.. The scanning should now succeed.
  • NOK: Booting into ‘Target Mode’ (using the ‘t’ key) fails.
    I wanted to connect the laptop in question through Firewire and have it appear as an external drive. But the shortcut had no effect on the boot sequence.
    1. Ensure the cable is fine.
    2. Ensure there are no other FW devices attached.
    3. If this is not a laptop, ensure your keyboard is connected directly and not through a hub.
    4. Ensure that no Open Firmware Password has not been enabled.
    Try using the Option-key (aka. ‘ alt’ ), entering the firmware password and then quickly hold the ‘t’ key down.
    Try using the Option-key during the startup to see if there are other disk partitions available.